Have You Heard?

The headline read:  Avatar Therapy May Abolish Voices, Improve Schizophrenia Symptoms – I was intrigued.  Any new tools to help voice hearers would only be welcome.

At the same time I can’t help but hope that other things will first be available.  For starters it would be wonderful to see the day when every ACT client who experiences voices has a copy of the Coping with Voices workbook available through The National Empowerment Center store.  Straightforward, accessible and practical, it communicates that the person is not alone with this experience and that there are things to try that may make the experience less distracting.

VoicesWorkbookCoverVoices Workbook pg2

The other change would be for ACT clinicians to get the training they need and deserve around working with persons who hear voices.  I quit using the word ‘hallucinations’ years ago – it’s a term that often labels the experience, closing down discussion rather than opening it.  By far the best training would be for every clinician to have a chance to do Dr. Pat Deegan’s Hearing Distressing Voices Workshop.  Investing in this training is invaluable. Pat has made a toolkit that a team can do itself as well as offering on site training facilitated by her team, more costly but fantastic and well worth the investment by any agency.

There are some other resources out there but we need more.  Check out some additional materials below.

Avatar Therapy does sound cool, but maybe let’s start with something a bit simpler.

Shalom Coodin

Below are a couple of sites – primarily directed toward consumers – which might be of interest.



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