History Shorts

In the next few weeks I’m doing a couple of teaching sessions with psychiatric residents on the History of Psychiatry.

Several years ago Francine Chisholm and I put together a PowerPoint module to try to grab trainees attention for what can be a tough-sell subject.  It’s meant to be a self-driving experience where the user gets to click where they want to go (this was pre-Prezi). I haven’t yet figured how to make the whole thing available online but will keep looking into this.  In the meantime here are three video clips that give a taste.  The third one, a poem by a woman in an asylum, I still find moving.

Benjamin Rush 


Ode to a Key

My goal isn’t to judge the past (though I do).  The goal is to make residents (and me) aware of our limitations and to leave us humble about how much we still don’t know.  Readers of this blog know I believe clozapine is a valuable medication.  At the same time I sincerely hope it’s obsolete in fifty years; I suspect people will look back and think “what was he thinking using a medication like that?”.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

As far as learning psychiatric history, that’s a good enough reason for me.

Shalom Coodin

One comment

  1. Shalom,
    Lorna Moser has been encouraging many to go on your blog. I am glad I did. I will pass this onto all of my ACT team leaders here in the State of MN. Thanks and keep up the great advocacy and work.

    PS. These educational clips really call into play the role of “science” in treatment… I too hope that in 50 years, people look back and question our own decisions and practices.

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